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My story

My name is Nathalie, a French lady living in Amsterdam since 1989. Love brought me to the Netherlands and in 1994 my son was born, Michel.

My original profession is costume designer for theater, before I started my  education in maternity care in 2003.

I endured my pregnancy with trust. That this is part of my nature was to my advantage. I trusted the people tending to me and was overjoyed I got to give birth at home. Breastfeeding was also a discovery and it went by naturally, lots of waking up at night with a hungry baby who needed a lot of attention, catching up on sleep during the day and seeing my child develop. It made bonding together very valuable.

My childbirth at home was a special experience. That is when I witnessed how complete the Dutch health care system is surrounding childbirth. The ability and loving care of the midwives and maternity nurses inspired me especially. I decided to also choose this profession.

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