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Maternity Nurse / Kraamzorg

Since 2007 I have practiced my profession as an independent entrepreneur. I work closely together with midwife practices in the center of Amsterdam. My clients are both Dutch and French equally. I am also fluent in English and Spanish, which sometimes is beneficial when a partner speaks a different language. My style of work is similar to my being, both determined and calm. This helps to maintain a state of peace in my Workplace.


Working with people at their homes is always an interesting experience to me. For parents it is also very exciting when they allow a stranger to enter their intimate place. That is why I respect their way of life. I help guide the parents to trusting themselves, combined with giving practical information which is important to the care of their baby.


My strengths

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Inner tranquility

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Good listener

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Ensures safety


My child

I endured my pregnancy with trust. That this is part of my nature was to my advantage. I trusted the people tending to me and was overjoyed I got to give birth at home. Breastfeeding was also a discovery and it went by naturally, lots of waking up at night with a hungry baby who wanted a lot of attention, catching up on sleep during the day and seeing my child develop. It made bonding together very valuable. I spoke French, my mother tongue, while breastfeeding and caring for him. His father also spoke his native language to him, Dutch.


Talking to my son Michel and telling him stories, nursing him with my language and culture was especially important to me. His father did the same in his own way. I often recited a poem from ‘Les Fables de La Fontaine’, ‘La montagne qui accouche’.


He remembers it to this day…


Top 5 capabilities


In possession of ‘Diploma van Kraamverzorgende’ (Diploma of Maternity Nursing), since 2005.


Registered with kckz (Center of Quality in Maternity Care). It is an organization which guarantees the hallmark of maternity nurses.

I regularly attend obligatory courses and follow the scientific developments in birth care.


I work closely together with the many midwife practices in the center of Amsterdam.


I speak fluently Dutch, French, English and Spanish.


In possession of

a coaching diploma.


What I do

  • Medical checkups of mother and child (taking temperature, observing the physical recovery of the mother, observing the baby).

  • Relay information surrounding the care of the baby and the recovery of the mother.

  • Help guide the breastfeeding by advice of the midwife.

  • Detail the development of the baby during the maternity week.

  • Support the parents for their wellbeing.

  • Coach on the importance of hygiene. Practical assistance.

  • Signaling of possible particularities concerning health care within the families (if necessary reaching out to health care chains).

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