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Care for mother and child

The long path of a child's desire, carrying it and giving birth to it generates a journey filled with emotions, that of projecting yourself into the future with a baby, accepting the changes in your body and adopting a new identity, that of being a mother.

It is also and above all to prepare for the reality of childbirth and then get to know your baby and flourish together. 

The desire to be a mother, to found a family and to prolong longevity. Carrying a baby is to physically transform and accept it, it is also the development of your child in your body.


It is a mixture of euphoria, curiosity, fear of suffering that invades the mind of every woman

as she waits for a child.


As soon as childbirth, the Kraamzorg system is put into place. Care is given to the mother and her baby.

This intimacy at home allows a building of confidence and a gradual adaptation within the home and with the other members who compose it.

A care system until the unknown and very different for an expatriate woman who must adapt to it, alone and in a language that is not hers. So many landmarks that escape her and with which she must become familiar. I experienced this in 1994 when I gave birth to my son Michel, before becoming a Kraamzorg professional in 2003. During these many years, I have also guided women of all origins and I have enjoyed sharing their traditions, their rituals to realize that in the end we welcome all our children with the same force of life and love.

In order to understand and adapt to a radical change of environment, I offer coaching for all these approach phases,

with a kindness that characterizes me.

Of course I am also available for all mothers who have doubts and need support. 

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I've been guiding mothers

for many years


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Certificates for creating rituals around birth at the UvH in Utrecht.


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I speak fluently Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

The Route

  • In the first place I offer you a telephone call like an intake in order to know your needs.

  • We can then, if you wish, schedule a first meeting at your home.

  • Thereafter, we schedule other appointments depending on your needs.


  • Telephone intake is free

  • First meeting at your home: €120,- incl. BTW

  • Following meeting: €90,- incl. BTW

  • About a complete coaching , before and after a delivery, depending on what you need,

  • the price can be adjusted.    

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