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Maternity Nurse & Coach

Nathalie Barthoulot

Maternity Nurse


Since 2007 I have practiced my profession as an independent entrepreneur. I work closely together with midwife practices in the center of Amsterdam. My clients are both Dutch and French equally. I am also fluent in English and Spanish, which sometimes is beneficial when a partner speaks a different language. 


The long journey of a child's desire to bear a child and give birth to it generates a journey full of emotions, those of projecting into the future with a child, accepting the changes in his body and taking on a new one. identity, that of being a mother.

It is also and above all to prepare for the reality of childbirth and then get to know your child and flourish as a mother.

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"Dear Nathalie, we cannot thank you enough for all your guidance, support, care and kindness during this special and fragile time. You have been such a wonderful and important part of bringing Violet into this world. All our best!"


Kristin, Mike, Violet & Luna

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My Story


My name is Nathalie, a French lady living in Amsterdam since 1989. Love brought me to the Netherlands and in 1994 my son was born, Michel.


My original profession was in the world of theatre, before I started my education in maternity care in 2003.

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